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Subclass categories

Subclasses are categorized broadly as Warrior, Rogue, Knight, Summoner, Wizard, Healer and Enchanter.
The Class-Specific and Divine Transformation subclass skills available
to you through certification depend on the categories of your
subclasses, as follows:

  • Warrior: Warlord, Gladiator, Destroyer, Tyrant, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith, Berserker, Soul Breaker (Male), Soul Breaker (Female)
  • Rogue: Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Arbalester, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker
  • Knight: Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight
  • Summoner: Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner
  • Wizard: Sorcerer, Necromancer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler
  • Healer: Bishop, Elven Elder, Shillien Elder
  • Enchanter: Prophet, Swordsinger, Bladedancer, Warcryer, Inspector (Male), Inspector (Female)

Skills list and effects

What follwos is a complete list of available skills, with exact effects and bonuses (some not confirmed).
Emergent Ability skills

These skills are avaialable regardless of the category your subclass falls to.
Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0142_0 Physical Defense Increase P.Def +11 P.Def
Certif Skill0146_0 Magic Defense Increase M.Def +15 M.Def
Certif Skill0141_0 Physical Offence Increase P.Atk +11 P.Atk
Certif Skill0141_0 Magic Offence Increase M.Atk +15 M.atk
These skills can be stacked up, with maximum of level 6 if you chose
to learn the same skill from both 65 and 70 certificates for each of
your 3 subclasses. E.g., you get 6 Emergent Ability certificates from
all your subs and use all of them to learn the Physical Defense skill.
In the end you get Lv6 of the Physical Defense skill.
Master Ability skills

These skills are avaialable regardless of the category your subclass falls to.
Name Description Effect
Certif Skill1389_0 Great Physical Defence Greatly increase P.Def +29 P.Def
Certif Skill1036_0 Great Magic Defence Greatly increase M.Def +50 M.Def
Certif Skill1388_0 Great Physical Offense Greatly increase P.Atk +60 P.Atk
Certif Skill1059_0 Great Magic Offense Greatly increase M.Atk +29 M.Atk
Certif Skill1077_0 Critical Rate Increase critical rate +30 Crit.Rate
Certif Skill1085_0 Magic Casting Increase Cast.Spd +11-18 Cast.Spd
Unlike Emergent Ability skills, only some of these skills can be stacked up.
Class-Specific Ability skills

Warrior Class (Gladiator, Warlord, Bounty Hunter, Tyrant, Destroyer, Soul Breaker, Berserker)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0440_0 Boost CP Increase Max.CP +738 CP
Certif Skill0287_0 Resist Mental Increase resistance to Sleep, Hold, Paralize and Shock attacks +5%
Certif Skill1086_0 Counter Haste 3% chance to increase Atk.Spd. when attacking +30% Atk.Spd for 15 seconds
Rogue Class (Hawkeye, Silver Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Treasure Hunter, Plainswalker, Abyss Walker, Arbalester)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill1087_0 Boost Evasion Increase evasion +4 Evasion
Certif Skill0113_0 Long Shot Increases the maximum range of bow and crossbow attacks +50 distance increase
Certif Skill1077_0 Critical Chance 3% chance to increase Crit.Rate when attacking +30% Crit.Rate for 15 seconds
Knight Class (Paladin, Dark Avenger, Temple Knight, Shillien Knight)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0211_0 Boost HP Increase Max. HP. +6-7% HP
Certif Skill0259_0 Crit.dmg Reduction Reduce the amount of received critical damage 5% crit.dmg decrease
Certif Skill0110_0 Counter Defense 3% chance to increase P.Def and M.Def when under attack +20% P.Def and M.Def for 15 seconds
Summoner Class (Warlock, Elemental Summoner, Phantom Summoner)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0211_0 Boost HP/MP Increase Max. HP and Max. MP +130 HP и +80 MP (+3-4%)
Certif Skill0433 Resist Element Attribute Increase Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Attributes resistance +5 to Elemental Attributes
Certif Skill1349_0 Counter Spirit 3% chance to increase M.Atk, Cast.Spd, P.atk and Atk.Spd when under attack Increase M.Atk, Cast.Spd, P.atk and Atk.Spd by 10% for 15 seconds
Wizard Class (Sorcerer, Spellsinger, Spellhowler, Necromancer)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0146_0 Anti Magic Increase resistance to magic attacks +5% chance for attacking magic to fail
Certif Skill0285_0 Mana Gain Increase the amount of MP gained from recharge +6% per MP recharge
Certif Skill1398_0 Counter Mana Steal 3% chance to steal MP from the opponent and recover it as your own when under attack +17 MP
Healer Class (Shillien Elder, Elven Elder, Bishop)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill1307_0 Boost Pray Increases effectiveness of received healing +19 HP per heal
Certif Skill1353_0 Resist Divine Attribute Increase Holy and Dark Attributes resistance +5 to Divine Attributes
Certif Skill1401_0 Counter Heal 3% chance to restore HP when under attack +183 HP
Enchanter Class (Prophet, Warcryer, Inspector, Swordsinger, Bladedancer)

Name Description Effect
Certif Skill0213_0 Boost Mana Increase Max. MP +5-6% MP
Certif Skill0229_0 Mana Recovery Increase MP regeneration rate +0.5 MP per tick
Certif Skill1418_0 Counter Barrier 3% chance to become temporarily invincible to damage (but not debuffs) when under attack Celestial shield type of buff for 5-7 seconds
Divine Transformation Ability skills

You receive a seal book of transformation instead of certificate for
these skills. You can learn them via the transformation menu on the
Avan-Guard NPC
Divine Transformations, although more sophisticated, follow the rules
for regular transformations. This means you cannot use your regular
class skills, your subclass skills remain active, your stats are
determined by your equipment and the class type of the Divine
Transformation in use.
Reuse time, Sacrifice Skill and Transformation level

Each Divine Transformation lasts 30 minutes and has a cooldown/reuse time of 3 hours.
Each Divine Transformation has its specific Sacrifice Skill. All
sacrifice skills bring your HP and MP down to zero for a certain amount
of time during which you can't be healed through skills or potions. The
Sacrifice Skill usage conditions depend on the type of your subclass:
Fighter-type subclasses - 30% or lower HP; Mystic-type subclasses - 10%
or lower MP.
Each transformation can be learned up to level 3 if you happen to
have more than one subclass of the same type. E.g., if you have 2
Warrior-type subclasses and they've reached level 80, you can learn
Warrior Divine Transformation level 2. If you have 3, the transformation
learned would be level 3.
Divine Transformations and their respective skills

What follows is a list of all Divine Transformations, along with their specific skills.
Divine Warrior


  • Attacking enemy using hurricane force, can critical, power 2904
  • Attacking enemy at range using sword force, can critical, power 2323
  • Attack surrounding enemies (earthquake), ignores shield defense, can critical, power 2323
  • For a short duration greatly increase your own attack strength, effect 2
  • Poison an enemy with a poison needle, power 1689, effect 3
  • Sacrifice your own life to increase party's attack power

Divine Knight

  • Hate, power 6752
  • Hate Aura, power 6752
  • Attack target while rushing at target, stuns target, can overhit, power 1162
  • Attack surrounding enemies, stuns enemies, ignores shield deffense, can overhit, power 775
  • Greatly increase your pdef, mdef and resistance to buff cancelling attacks, cannot move while in effect, effect 2
  • Swing your axe to hit enemies in front of you, power 2322
  • Rush attack, power 1900
  • Sacrifice your life, boosts party's defenses (pdef and mdef probably)

Divine Rouge

Divine rouge is a combination of archer and dagger, hence you get
skills for both weapons, but the skills are also limited by

  • When attacking enemy has chance of removing buffs (not sure..) and
    stunning target, can only be used with a bow, can overhit, power 2323
  • Shoot two arrows simultaneously, lethal strike is possible, can overhit, power 6195
  • bleed shot, can over hit, power 1549, effect 3
  • strong attack, can instant kill, can only be used with dagger equipped, power 6969
  • for a short duration increase your evasion
  • Attack enemies behind you, power 2111
  • Sacrifice your life, increases party's evasion

Divine Healer


  • Heal target's HP overtime, power 946
  • Instantly recover target's HP, power 826
  • Heals party's HP and increase HP regeneration, power 400, effect 5
  • Resurrection, recovers 70% of target's experience lost
  • Removes debuffs from target
  • Sacrifice your life, recovers HP and MP of all party members (not yours obviously)

Divine Wizard


  • Aura Flare, during PVP your matk will decrease, power 102
  • Sacred magic attack, can overhit, power 128
  • AoE sacred attack, power 64
  • AoE sleep, while slept target's resistance to sleep increases (doesn't say it won't land at all)
  • Increase dark resistance, decrease holy resistance, effect 3
  • Sacrifice your life, recovers mp/hp of party members

Divine Enchanter


  • PoWater, consumes 5 spiritore
  • PoFire, consumes 5 spiritore
  • PoWind, consumes 5 spiritore
  • Target CoV (not party buff), consumes 5 spiritore
  • AoE Root, if target rooted already it has no effect
  • Sacrifice your left, increases all abilities of party

Divine Summoner


  • Summon sacred beast, summoning consumes 2 A Crystals, consumes 1 extra A crystal each time it usually consumes crystals
  • Transfer pain, continuously consumes MP
  • Final Servitor (CoV for summon), consumes 20 spirit ore
  • Servitor Heal, power 991
  • Sacrifice your life, increases party's critical rate
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